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6 Best YouTube channels for Tech Talks-Don’t miss

With every moment, Technology advancing so fast. From flying cars to Hyperloop; every day this sector is adding a new gem. And there are some great YouTubers around this god’s green earth who will keep you updated with tech talks. So here we have the best YouTube channels for tech talks.

Technical Guruji

From Tesla to Flying Cars, Oppo to Vivo, be it a new iPhone or its Mi phone Technical Guruji has all tech. Technical Guruji (means teacher) is an all in one of the best tech talk youtube channel.

technical guruji youtube

Started on October 18, 2018, Technical Guruji has already more than 10M subscribers worldwide. Owned by Gaurav Chaudhary, Technical Guruji hails from Dubai.

Technical Guruji shares very detailed reviews and unboxing videos. They also sponsor giveaways regularly. You can win free iPhone or Latest Google Pixel by participating in Giveaways.

You can send business inquiries to Technical Guruji at [email protected]

Check: Technical Guruji On YouTube

Unbox Therapy

Unbox Therapy is owned by Lewis Hilsenteger.  As suggested by Channel name, Lewis post videos with unboxing the gadgets. The reviews made by Lewis are very analytical and constructive.

Unbox Therapy was the first channel to report the iPhone 6 Plus bending test. And to my surprise, this is the YouTube channel where products get naked.

Technology channel on youtube

Lewis is very loud and clear about his views. The best part with Unbox Therapy is that they actually use the product before making a video. And the best part, you can participate in the giveaways sponsored by Unbox Therapy.

Started on Dec 21, 2010, Unbox Therapy has now more than 13M subscribers worldwide.

Click here to go to Unbox Therapy

You can send business inquiries to Unbox Therapy at [email protected]

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Trakin Tech English

Owned by Arun Prabhudesai is Indian YouTuber. Trakin Tech English focuses on Smartphones, gadgets and everything around Tech and Telecom space. The best part about Arun is that videos on Trakin Tech English are presented in the most fun & engaging way.

best tech channel in english

For those who want the same technical news in Hindi, you can subscribe to Trakin Tech Hindi Channel.

You can also find Unboxing, review, and comparisons of smartphones and Gadgets. Started on Oct 27, 2017, Trakin Tech English has now more than 1M subscribers worldwide.

Trakin Tech YouTube Channel

You can send business inquiries to Marques Brownlee at [email protected]

Geeky Ranjit

Owned by Ranjit, an Indian YouTuber, focus on all technology that we are using in daily life. You will Smart TV, Virtual reality to all latest and trendy smartphones. You will find reviews, and other related content explained in very depth.


Ranjit’s videos are very simple to understand. You will not be bored. Ranjit will keep you updated with the latest technology.

Started on Jan 06, 2001, Geekyranjit has now more than 2.5M subscribers from all around the globe.

You can send business inquiries to Geeky Ranjit at [email protected]

Check GeekyRanjit on YouTube


This is the CNET’s dedicated YouTube channel for the global technology news, game reviews, Android and iOS Apps reviews, how-tos, video podcasts, pop-culture, consumer electronics, and related stuff.

cnet youtube channel

Started on May 5, 2006, CNET has now more than 2M subscribers from all around the globe.

CNET is one stop for all global Tech news and stories. And so with awesome cinematography and professional environment, CNET YouTube channel makes into this list of latest tech news channels on YouTube.

Go to CNET YouTube Channel

Apart from iPhone, Samsung, and OnePlus mobiles and Android Tablets, CNET tech news covers Tesla cars, Mars rover mission and also robots. We are pretty sure you are gonna like the CNET in-depth tech videos. It all depends on how geek you are. 😉

You can send business inquiries to CNET at [email protected]

The Verge

They are a team of experienced journalists, aim to understand the tech in deep. The Verge is very diversified and has videos of a wide range of Technology is covered.

The Verge technology blog

The Verge has its name in one of the best tech news sites and you can update yourself with the latest technology going around you by subscribing to the Verge YouTube Channel.

Hey, do you enjoy star grazing? Outer space, universe technology, satellites, and nuclear reactions? If Yes, The Verge Science series will be in your favorites. They are not only into smartphones but into science too.

The Verge YouTube Channel

Started on Aug 7, 2006, The Verge has now more than 2.5 M subscribers from all around the globe.

These were our picks for Best YouTube channel for tech talks. Do you know any channel that needs to be added to this list? Don’t forget to tell us in the comment section. We would love to hear from you.

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