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5 Best Technology Channels on YouTube

YouTube is the one stop site for finding the best and honest reviews of the latest Technology that evolves every other day. And YouTube has the got thousands of channels that update about Technology. We have listed 5 Best Channels on YouTube that update about Technology.

Unbox Therapy

Unbox Therapy is owned by Lewis Hilsenteger.  As suggested by Channel name, Lewis post videos with unboxing the gadgets. The reviews made by Lewis are very analytical and constructive.

Unbox Therapy was the first channel to report the iPhone 6 Plus bending test. And to my surprise, this is the YouTube channel where products get naked.

Technology channel on youtube

Lewis is very loud and clear about his views. The best part with Unbox Therapy is that they actually use the product before making a video. And the best part, you can participate in the giveaways sponsored by Unbox Therapy.

Started on Dec 21, 2010, Unbox Therapy has now more than 13M subscribers worldwide.

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You can send business inquiries to Unbox Therapy at [email protected]

Marques Brownlee aka MKBHD

Owned by Marques Brownlee is American YouTuber. MKBHD focuses on Quality Tech Videos, Consumer Electronics, Apple and Internet Personalities.

Youtube technology channel

Started on Mar 21, 2008, MKBHD has now more than 7M subscribers worldwide.

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You can send business inquiries to Marques Brownlee at [email protected]

Linus Tech Tips

Owned by Linus Sebastian and Luke Lafreniere, a Canadian YouTuber, mostly focus on tech reviews, showcases, PC builds, and other related content.

Linus tech tips Youtube channel

Sebastian’s videos are very entertaining. You will not be bored. Linus will keep you entertained. Apart from Linus Tech Tips, Sebastian also owes Techquickie (More than 2.5M) and TechLinked (growing).

Started on Nov 24, 2008, Linus Tech Tips (LTT) has now more than 7M subscribers from all around the globe.

Check Linus Tech Tips on YouTube

If you ever wonder How much is Linus Tech Tips worth? Then the answer to the same is $1.5 million. Yes, Linus Tech Tips net worth is $1.5 million.

You can send business inquiries to LTT at [email protected]

Austin Evans

YouTuber from the United States of America. Mainly talks about technology from gaming PCs to smartphones and everything related.

Austin Evans Technology Channel

Started on Aug 4, 2007, Austin Evans has now more than 3M subscribers from all around the globe.

Austin Evan’s style of unboxing gadgets is agile and Austin is straight to the point making his review quite short and informative.

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Austin has full reviews too, which coverup even minute detail of the gadget. The cinematography quality is superb and this additionally makes watching a treat.

You can send business inquiries to Austin Evans at [email protected]

DigitalRev TV- Best YouTube channel for Photography

They are into a different stream, still, they made to our list of best technology YouTube channels. DigitalRev is complete into photography and related stuff. It is a Hong Kong-based YouTube channel. They are best for photography and gadgets used in this multi-billion dollar media industry.

Technology channel for photography

The video gallery consists of the best and naked truth of all the latest photography gadgets. From drone photography to iPhonogtaphy and all in between you will never be bored of these digital devices reviews.

Go to DigitalRev TV

Started on Aug 30, 2007, DigitalRev has now more than 2M subscribers from all around the globe. DigitalRev TV is the YouTube channel is owned by DigitalRev Media, The channel was created by Richard Yu and was co-produced and presented by Kai Man Wong.

These were our picks. Do you know any channel that needs to be added to this list? Don’t forget to tell us in the comment section. We would love to hear from you.

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