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5 Best YouTube channels for Cars lovers

Latest Car Reviews, Supercars and Hypercars. If you like these terms then these YouTube channels are best suitable for you. Don’t miss these best YouTube car builds Channels.

Motor Trend

Started in The United States on 11 Mar 2006, Motor Trend has been one stop place for all the automotive enthusiasts. Motor Trend is one of the best USA channels for cars lovers.

Cinematography, intro, ahh and that lovely sound made by those cars just raise the mood. Motor Trend has got awesome speakers to deliver the best of these beasts.

car race gif

You will find mostly supercars review by being raced, dragged and taken to full horsepower. Motor Trend’s car racing videos on YouTube are just delightful thing to watch.

With fun and adventure, Car’s technical details and review are shared. And Motor Trend is very honest about the reviews. If they don’t like something, they are blunt in speaking the fact. No matter its Ferrari or Porche!

motor trend youtube channel

They shoot quarter mile drag race with cars like BMW, Porche, Nissan, Ferrari, and other supercars.

The above GIF is one snapshot of the supercars drag race. You can watch complete series of World’s greatest Drag race on Motor Trend YouTube channel.

Send business inquiries to Motor Trend at [email protected]

Consumer Reports

Next on our list of best YouTube channels on Car is America’s Consumer Report. Started on June 14, 2016, with a motto of “Let’s keep it honest.” Consumer Reports deal with helping viewers in choices about products and services.

Consumer Reports( or CR) is the world’s largest independent consumer-testing organization a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and your one-stop destination for tips on buying, repairing, and researching products and services.

CR’s review and analysis are so deep and effective that even Elon Musk listens to them seriously. The honest and unbiased approach marks Consumer Reports in the list of the best youtube channel for car reviews.

Consumer report on YouTube

With 50+ testing labs, a 327-acre auto test facility, and 140+ highly trained researchers and technicians, CR tests the products like nobody on this globe. This organization has around 6 million members in July 2018.

CR has 300k Subscribers around the world. You can send business inquiries to CR at  [email protected]


Top Gear

This Channel is from BBC Studios. Top Gear YouTube channel is one best channel for supercar needs. Unleash your inner love for these beasts. At TopGear, supercars being put up against each other in very famous Drag Races.

At the end of the calendar, you can find the most anticipated video from Top Gear that features the performance car of the year.

Best Supercar of the year

As mentioned earlier, Top Gear is from BBC Studios the cinematography is phenomenal. You will fall in love with their videos. They are so detailed and the way the team explains the cars, this channel will definitely give you the goosebumps.

The performance reviews are completely unbiased. I personally love Chris Harris’ videos. To me, he is the perfect youtube car review guy. Don’t forget to mention in the comment section your favorite.

Cars are tested to their limits are Top Gear Test Track. You will hear lost of tires screech and drifts.

Principally, Top Gear review higher end automakers like Porche, BMW, The Lamborghini, Ferrari, Land Rovers and so on related ones.

Now just visit Top Gear YouTube channel and enjoy this fun.

Top Gear has more than 6M Subscribers around the world. You can send business inquiries to Top Gear at [email protected]


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Mighty Car Mods

Started by Marty and Moog in 2008. Mighty Car Mods hails from Australia. It all started with friends enthusiasm for modifying cars. Whether you have got a Porche ex-showroom model or one old shed grandma model, MCM will modify them to the core.

According to the official website, MCM is World’s Number #1 DIY Auto & Adventure show making it a must subscribe car mod youtube mod channel YouTube

You will find Mighty Car mods 80s car mod videos to be extremely interesting. The usual video duration ranges from 9 minutes to 45 minutes depicting complete transformation. MCM can make you a Fast and Furious 8 mod car and that too in a pocket-friendly budget.

You can take your car to Mighty Car Mods to get your car moded. I bet you, the modified car is gonna make you fall in love at first sight. And if you are a car fan you must follow the MCM YouTube Channel.

Mighty car Mods has got more than 3M fans around the globe.


Auto Car

Autocar is one best stop of automobile enthusiasts. They will provide you with an in-depth review and Auto Car is more into a car versus car drag race and videos like Audi vs Mercedes or Audi vs BMW vs. Mercedes reliability videos.

Auto car youtube channel

The cinematography and video transitions are great. You will enjoy the sound effects, drifts and dazzling cars. However, commentary sometimes can be boring, the video effects are lame and resemble some 12-year-old kid has done video editing.

Though, the details provided are very sharp and will hit point blank to your curiosity.

Autocar has got more than 700k subscribers around the globe.  Hang on yo the red button below and check Auto Car official YouTube Channel. Also, they make sponsored videos.


So these were our picks for best Channels for Car reviews on YouTube. Do let us know in the comments your favorite one’s. We would love to know them.

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